Librarian. NET for Windows 10


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Librarian. NET is a powerful, free software that supports the work of libraries (domestic, corporate, public, school). It is characterized by a user friendly interface, ease of use and a lot of features. The program is constantly evolving, and with automatic updates, you are working with the latest version of the program after its release. With this tool, you can build up a library of resources, keep statistics on lending and return of books. The application is simple to use and is ideal for organizations working in the library. Program Features: * Add, edit, delete, readers and publishing * Advanced Search * readers and publishing rental, pay and carry publication * definition * location * cavities determination of the quality * defining themes * define the types of readers * readers * locking accounts statistics and their graphic graphs * Reports * loans and overdue loans overview of the state of the reader * online download descriptions of books based on ISBN numbers * Prints: library cards, index cards, subscription database, voids, arrears letters and other * use of multiple databases * Automatic updates Caution! 1 The proper functioning of the program requires that you have in your system. NET Framework 2.0 or later. 2 When you select download / download will be redirected to the manufacturer where you can download the program.